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john cooper & marler #88

Click to Enlarge John Cooper in the studio with his Honduran Rosewood Marler #88. All Marler owners are welcome to contribute songs. This is about a 5 month heads up notice as studio mixing is desired to begin around June 2006.

robert foster & marler #90

Click to Enlarge Robert Foster in the studio with his Koa Marler #90. Todd, Robert & John each recorded a solo song and then combined on a trio song. Engineer Peter Hopper did a great job making them feel at home and capturing the essence of the Marler Guitars.

todd walker & marler #82

Click to Enlarge Todd Walker in the studio tuning his German Spruce/Koa Dreamcather #82 with his all Koa #80 in the background. Anyone wishing to contribute is urged to contact Todd for engineering details. I can provide his email address privately as opposed to posting it on the website.

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