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marler tribute cd

Click to Enlarge Marler Guitar owners have begun the recording process for a tribute CD for Mike. Todd C. Walker, Robert Foster & John Cooper all met in Ithaca, NY in December and recorded individual songs as well as a trio song tribute. If you are interested in contributing a song please write to me for Todd's contact email. He can let you know the project format needed for best compatibility for the engineers mix. --> more details

caring for your marler guitar

Most owners that have gotten to the point of seeking out a Marler Guitar and then affording one already know these things. They are more a reminder than anything else --> more details

marler t-shirts

Progress has been made on the Marler T-Shirt. Todd Walker has spearheaded this project. With proofs completed the shirts are at the printers for a small start up production run. Watch these notices for upcoming availability.

just thinking... the other stuff

All of these ideas are in the planning phase. Just lost and rambling ideas bouncing around in my head to keep it occupied.

dreamcatcher blueprints

I have the scale blueprints for the Marler Dreamcatcher guitars. I have no question that many Dreamcatcher owners would love to have a copy of these blueprints. Besides being fantastic awesome art these give exact dimensions and construction techniques Mike used. Even for the unlucky ones that "don't" own a Marler they are a super cool wall hanging.

certificate of authenticity

As you could guess the value of Marler Guitars just sky rocketed. I wish to offer Certificates of Authenticity to owners of Marler Guitars. Upon verification of course. This will be conducted in conjunction with the Registry and would include 2 copies. One for the wall and a small one for inside the guitar case. In time these Certificates may prove to be very important.

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