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Mike did not follow a rigid serial number sequence for his guitars. As he put it "it's just a number". There was however a logic to what he did, and why, and I am privy to a portion of it which I will share to the depth of my knowledge.

how many?

I am always asked "how many" guitars did Mike build and the answer is: Unknown. Period. But through this website, and your help, I will be able to establish a reasonable estimate as well as an explanation of his production history.

early years

Mike's first handmade guitar was a beautiful and quality piece of art. However he did not think so because he knew he could do better. His earliest guitars do not carry serial numbers because he felt them "not worthy to sell". To him he was just practicing. To be honest he gave most of them away to his good friends because they were stacking up in his house. His personal guitars also do not carry serial numbers and also he had a couple of customers that requested no label.


Once Mike felt like his work was worthy of a price he started labeling his guitars with numbers. I believe he followed a sequence right up until #25 which I own. Consider Mike was doing this work part time, after work, nights and weekends. He was only able to produce 1 or 2 guitars a year. He told me once "who the heck is gonna' want to buy guitars with such low numbers?". "They are going to think I'm a beginner". So he bumped his numbers up to about #75. Mike's last guitar was #95.


This, I am sure, will be revised as I dig deeper into history. I estimate that Mike produced probably less than 30 of his Dreamcatcher Cutaway Guitar. He also made 2 Classical Guitars, a Strat Style Electric, a Les Paul Style Electric, an Electric Bass, and several specialty models such as Custom Order and Left-Hand Models. My best guess is that he made somewhere around 50 guitars. In reality that number could be doubled counting all the ones he threw away because he didn't like the way they turned out.

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