...in memory of michael j. marler

On 5/21/05 this world lost one of the best luthiers on this planet. We laid Mike to rest on May 24th. I know it would be his wish to continue the Marler Guitars website in appreciation of the musicians who supported him. From the emails of support I have received from around the nation I also know it is the wish of Marler Guitar owners to know more about Mike.

The Bio section will tell you a bit about Mike. He was very quiet and down to earth. Not many words... so when he did speak you know it was worthy of listening. I will share some rare photos (all photos of Mike were rare) and put a face behind the man that built your guitar.

The Archive section is the Original Marler Guitar website as it was. I have frozen it in time after removing prices and contact info.

The Registry is very important to me. I wish for everyone that owns a Marler Guitar to register with me so I can create a time line, history and location of all of Mike's work.

The Buzzz is a new section that will involve chat, ideas and some very exclusive products and information for Marler Guitar owners. It is my wish to go forward and honor the legacy of craftsmanship Mike left for us to enjoy.


mike davidson

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