Schematic of GuitarDropcap f I left this page for Mike to write about himself and his work it would contain 3 words. I make guitars. He is a man of few words and many talents. I have known him coming up on 40 years now. We grew up in the small town of Portales, New Mexico and there wasn't a lot for us "youngsters" to do.... so there wound up being a lot of good musicians in this area because we had plenty of time to practice.

Mike always had a knack for trigonometry, geometry and drafting. While all of us buddies struggled with algebra he was knocking out calculus problems. He always thought he would have no use whatsoever for these skills he just did it because it was easy for him.

He announced to his pals one day "I think I'm going to make a guitar".... after we got through laughing, we said....

"sure you are Mike."

Dropcap W ell, maybe us "pals" laughing at him are responsible for his newfound talents (we will take credit at least) because a couple of months later when we were visiting he said "I have something to show you guys, I think I found a new use for my math and drafting." Out of his shop he carried a beautiful arch-backed acoustic guitar, handed it to us and said "I just got through making this."

You could have heard a pin drop on the carpet. We were just stunned. He wasn't kidding. We didn't even believe him at first until he showed us shavings and blanks and it was obvious he was shooting straight. "Must be something wrong with the way it plays".... we thought.... so we gave it a strum. The first thing I noticed was how accurate the intonation was. A chord in the lower register was in tune and a chord on the upper neck was perfectly in tune also. I have played thousand dollar guitars that didn't have the accuracy that this fret board had and this was his first one!

Then I noticed the tone. This guitar was really crisp. It sang out. As I held to my chest it resonated more than any acoustic I had ever played. I could feel the wood vibrate into my chest. I didn't even like playing acoustic guitars. They were too hard for me to fret. I liked the fast action of an electric but this guitar played like an electric.... I couldn't put it down.

Time and growing up separated Mike and I as I moved away. Through the wonders of email we recently got back in contact. I told him I would be in Portales for a few days and he said to come by.... he had something for me. I went to see Mike on my visit and he said "Remember that guitar I promised you 20 years ago?".... I just smiled.... he said "well, here it is." Well, I couldn't even speak, I just sat there looking at the most beautiful cutaway acoustic I had ever seen. Then he showed me one he made for himself with a beautiful tree of life inlay. Then his Les Paul copy he made, then his Fender Strat copy. I didn't even touch the guitar he gave to me.... I was still in shock. He just laughed and said "Aren't you gonna' play your guitar?" I picked it up and it was true to form, accurate, beautiful loud, crisp tone, perfect accuracy, sound like a grand piano, action like an electric.

Mike said he would like to have a website someday, and I told him, well, I do websites. I also told him you are waaaaaaaay to low on your price. But he said "I just want to get my guitars and name out there." Folks you are probably one of the 5.5 billion people that don't know Mike, or me for that matter, but I would in all sincerity tell you the following:

Every skilled musician that ever played a Marler Guitar either has one.... or wants one. I have played some of the best Martins, new and old, Gibsons, Fenders, Ovation, Pimentel, any brand you can think of.... and yet.... I have never played a guitar of higher quality than a Marler Guitar.... AT ANY PRICE. If you are really serious about quality and perfection, do yourself a favor and contact Mike about a custom made dreadnought, standard, or classical guitar.... before he realizes he could get two, three, or four times more money for his quality precision and craftsmanship. After an anxious and nervous wait.... you will tear open the box.... open the case.... pick yourself up off the floor.... catch your breath.... and thank your stars that there is still someone out there than feels like "money is not everything". You have just met Mike Marler and you now own....

One of the Finest Guitars on this Planet.

Mike Davidson
Author Member of:Premium Quality Handmade Acoustic Guitars