Good News....Bad News about a Marler Guitar Finish.

First the bad news.

Marler Guitars are meant to be played. This means at some point in time you may nick or ding your perfect finish. The bad news is you will probably lay the guitar in it's case and weep profusely.


Because the final finish is so flawless, that first nick will hurt. The good news is that the hand rubbed lacquer finish is durable and resistant to nicks, stains, liquids, and all of the elements.
Only the best lacquers used. Look closely at the deep clear final finish. The perfect balance of enough coats of hand rubbed lacquer finish for maximum protection but without sacrificing crisp tone from excessive dulling buildup. This is part of the magic of the Marler Guitar.
The result of this formula is a stunning crystal clarity and yet a very crisp tone. The camera just doesn't know what to do when it encounters the reflection from a Marler Guitar. No other guitar in the world surpasses this quality of finish detail. Hand Rubbed to Perfection.
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